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Find out what some of our members are saying about us! There are thousands of people out there who have sold their horses through Horsetopia!

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"Wow. Free photo ads for saddles?? No wonder everyone is raving about your website!! Thanks!!"

-Julie, December '06

"You are wonderful, I think he is already sold. I have advertised on other webs, but I always sell on Horsetopia!!!"

-Val, December '06

"Hi, I would like to thank your staff and the people involved on your site for helping me sell my horse Amazed By Lark on I look forward to selling more on your site."

-Mitch, November '06

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful website!!!!! I have sold and leased many horses on your site. It has proven itself over and over as the best place to list your horse and anyone I know who is in the market to sell gets your web address from me. Keep up the good work! and thanks again."

-Stephanie, October '06

"This sight is great. As soon as I placed my ad, I got a phone call and sold my horse the next day. I will be using this sight to purchase my next horse. Thanks a bunch."

-Rhonda, October '06

"You guys are the best, always getting back with a quick answer. Thanks....."

-Linda, September '06

" has been wonderful tool for me when selling horses and I really enjoy the user friendly website. Thanking you once again."

-Julie, September '06

"I love this site, me and my friends visit this site all the time! Thanks, again for the support and help. Have a great day."

-Maria, September '06

"Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for your AWESOME web service. I advertised my horse August 2nd with several sites and only received enquiries from your site (and several at that!) She was sold in less than three weeks for asking price to a wonderful new home. Thank you again! I will be sure to recommend your site to all my horsey friends! ONE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!"

-Jennifer, August '06

"I recently asked a question, and was so pleased with the PROMPT RESPONSE. I will now continually use Horsetopia until I find the horse I want. Also, I plan to highly recommend Horsetopia. Thanks again."

-Sharlyn, July '06

"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me sell my Missouri Fox Trotter mare, Goldie. Your site was the most user friendly I visited which is why I posted her through you. It sent horse knowledgeable, wonderful people my way. Goldie went to a great home. Thank you!"

-Margo, July '06

"You folks have a great site. I really appreciate how you have made new improvements to it. It's the easiest horse site on the web to see great horses WITH video's. Keep up the good work."

-Mark, July '06

"I just edited my ad as sold and will remove it in a few days. I just want to say that I have appreciated the way my ad was presented and we got a good response, all from excellent prospects for purchase and the 2nd person to see the horse bought him at the asking price. I particularly want to thank you for making this an easy process. As one not well versed in computer, your employees helped me through the process and made it a pleasant experience. I will recommend your services anytime."

-Judy, July '06

"Just a quick note to THANK YOU!! I placed an ad with you today, and I was pleasantly SURPRISED how smoothly it went! (Even for someone that is NOT very experienced with computers). I'm looking forward to utilizing your services, and I'll help to pass the word about your web site!"

-Kaysie, June '06

"I just wanted to let you know, I just found Horsetopia a couple of months ago and you have sold everything I have listed in that length of time. Your site really works for me and I have told friends who now use it. Thanks so much."

-Renee, June '06

"I just wanted to say thanks. I ran an ad in the local paper for 3 weeks and had 1 call. I tried your website and sold horse yesterday. It only took 5 weeks. It ended up being someone that lives 10 miles from us. The girl that bought it was a perfect match for the horse. Keep up the good work."

-Rusty, June '06

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your site. I received 4 inquiries on my horse and sold her in less than 3 weeks. Will definitely use your site again when I'm ready to buy another horse. Thanks!"

-Lynn, May '06

"I just wanted to say that I have used Horsetopia to sell three different horses and a saddle. I also purchased a horse who was listed on Horsetopia. I listed with other sites, but 99.9% of the inquiries were from your site. I sold every horse and the saddle without any problems. I have been referring friends to your site because I have been so pleased with the service and how easy you make it for computer novices to navigate and search or list. Thanks for the great job. I'll keep you handy if I ever need to sell or buy another horse or tack."

-Regina, April '06

"I would like for you to know that I am very impressed with your service. You have the fastest video load time out of any equine sales website and the layout looks great too."

-Irene, April '06

"Thank you very much for helping me find a home for my horse. The people that bought her were just great. Your ads have done very well for me. Thank you again."

-Sheila, April '06

"I want to thank you for the good work and the updated design of your site. We are very pleased with your advancements. You are the only site we use to sell our groomed horses. Now averaging at about 10-12 per month. I haven't found a site yet that is so user friendly not only for the seller but the looker."

-Mark and Bob, April '06

"Dear Horsetopia,
Thanks to your organization, I now have the horse of my dreams. I bought Aphonic last week and will be getting him "home" next week. He is a beautiful 6 year old Thoroughbred race horse who was headed to a terrible end when they rescued him in October. I am so grateful to them for his rescue, and grateful to your group for making it easy to find him!"

-Jeannene, April '06

"I just want to say how great the HorseTopia website works! I listed my horse and within the first day I had over 50 e-mails and my cell phone never quit ringing! He was sold to the second person who looked at him and has a GREAT home with his new owners. I can't say how efficient the website is, and I have spread the news to other horse owners who are thinking of selling. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

-Jan, March '06

I would like for y'all to know that your web site is perfect. It not only provided the perfect horse for my daughter, it was a joy looking at all the beautiful other horses, and was great to travel so far right from my home. I also want y'all to know that the Flying W were the most gracious family I've ever met, a dream to do business with. I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you so very much."

-Mark, March '06

"I sold my horse through your website in only 12 days. Twelve hours after he was listed, the phone started ringing, and just never quit. My husband refused to answer the phone anymore, it was always about the gelding for sale. Thanks!"

-Michelle, February '06

"Thanks so much this is the most incredible website and you are the most incredible people to do business with, I will be referring this website to all my friends and customers."

-Sandy, February '06

"Hi Thanks for your excellent service. I sold Rock Me Snowly the same day that I listed her with you."

-Judy, February '06

"Hi I just want to let you know that I have my horses advertised on a lot of other web sites and yours has by far been the one that I get the most responses from. I will definitely use you again and tell all my horse friends about your site. Thanks."

-Krystie, February 06

"Dear everyone at Horsetopia,
Just wanted to thank you all for having such a wonderful web site. I can actually find my way through placing an ad, editing an ad. I can now say I can also mark an ad Sold. Yes I sold a horse today. Thanks so much."

-Jason and Barb, February '06

"Great Website!! I posted my ad on 2-6-06 and Danny went to his new home on 2-9-06. I would highly recommend yours as a site to buy or sell horses."

-Carol, February '06

"Thank you so much for listing my ad. I have had Rudy listed for sale for quite some time (more than 6 months!) on and several other places. Just last week someone told me about your site, so I listed him. I have had several emails about him, and just sold him yesterday. Again, thank you so much!"

-Jane, February '06

"I sold one of my horses the 2nd day it was on your site! Thanks!"

-Patti, February '06

"Well, once again I have had such success on your website. Sun, I listed 10 horses, and Mon. I sold 2 of them and had 5 more people looking. Incredible, and so easy even for me, computer illiterate. Thanks for all the help."

-Barbara, February '06

"Thanks for allowing me to list my ad in your web site. Through Horsetopia I sold Peaches to a wonderful home here in the area, where I was invited to check on her, in 9 days! Thanks for everything....."

-Ardelle, January '06

"Well, I was quite surprised to find out how quickly we received a response to the ad. I listed the Canadian gelding Thursday night, received a call on Friday and the caller visited the horse on Saturday and bought him! Wow. Everyone is happy! I will recommend this site to friends."

-Linda, January '06

"I posted savanna at 8pm and someone bought her the next day at 8am!! 12 hours it doesn't get any better then that!!"

Jennifer, January '06

"Dear Horsetopia,
We have sold eight of our precious miniature horses in the last two years using your site. Your site is very organized, professional, reasonable and user friendly. Trust me, I have look at and even used other sites. We have also made good contacts and friends. Thanks so much for creating such a great place for quality sales and purchases!"

-Kirk, January 06

"We posted two ads last night and sold both horses today. Thank you for creating your web page for I have put horses out on all most all the web pages that are out there and this by far is the best one yet. There are still good horse people out there, I have also met some of the nicest people."

-Tina, January '06

"Wanted to say thanks! I listed my horse with your site, and within the month had him sold, and it was through your listing that the buyer found him. I really appreciate your great site and will continue to use your services!"

-Barb, January '06

"Hello. I just wanted to say THANKS!!! I posted a horse for sale on 1/8/06 and he sold on 1/16/06. This is the best place to have horses for sale on. This was a really great experience!! Thanks so much."

-Robin, February '06

"I just wanted to say that I love your site and I plan to tell all of my friends about it. I listed my horse on 1/5/06 and sold her today. Thanks for having such a wonderful website that is very easy to navigate."

-Cindi, January '06

" We started our business 3 years ago and now sold our first two horses thanks to you. We are very happy and our horses are going to a great home. You are the best site to sell horses."

-Brigitte, January '06

"Hello Horsetopia! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I had put my horse on your web site and he was sold in 6 days! I am telling everyone about your site. Thank you sooooo much."

-Elizabeth, January '06

"I sold my horse within 3 weeks of advertising him. I don't think I could have done that by using the local newspaper. Thanks HorseTopia."

-Rick, January '06

"We listed a horse, an APHA sorrel at 2:30pm and at 3:48pm she was sold. The folks who bought her, saw her on Horsetopia, loved her picture, came out, rode her and now she has a new address. WE LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! Thank you for doing such a great job!!!"

-John, December '05

"I sold my trailer and one of my horses in one day thanks to Horsetopia. I sold the trailer after having it listed for 3 days. The horse has been listed for 3 weeks. Thanks for being so easy to work with."

-Vicki, December '05

Thank you so much for offering your service. We put our daughter's horse, Cocoa, up for sale and in just one week we were able to meet someone who was looking for a horse just like ours. To make things even better, they had a horse that was just what we needed! (Buddy was listed on Horsetopia also). This has been a wonderful experience."

-Tessa, December '05

"I sold all three ponies thru your site! I also advertised in a local ad book that is published every week and got only one hit for April to now, whereas with Horsetopia I had many hits."

-Susanne, December '05

"I sold our fillies through Horsetopia and am very pleased. Thank you for your service, you are tops on my list."

-Sue, November 05

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me sell Lacey. I placed two other ads at different sites online and had no response at all from them. I've found her a wonderful home thanks to you!"

-Jo, November '05

I just wanted to say that I listed my horse Princess and with in a week she has sold!!! That is just great! Thank you for a wonderful service!"

-Lydia, November '05

I had my Gelding on 4 different websites, including Horsetopia. The buyer found him on Horsetopia and she is actually from the same town that I live in so he will be staying local!! Thanks!"

-Jen, November '05

"Thanks, Horsetopia for selling my horse. I had him on several web sites, and the most hit's and the selling hit was from Horsetopia."

-Rayne, November '05

"I sold my horse in a very short time, to the first person who came and looked at him. Thanks for providing this service Horsetopia."

-Diana, November '05

"This is not a question but a big thank you. Daisy Doo sold today, 6 days after listing (110 hits). Nice people look at this site for Daisy Doo is going to a good home. Thanks again."

-Billy, November '05

"I sold my mare tonight, I am so pleased with all of the inquires I had for her and thanks to your website I believe I have found her a wonderful home."

-Teresa, October '05

"Hello, I just wanted to write in quick and let you guys know Horsetopia is great! I've had a few "free" ads up on other websites for about 3 weeks now, without a single call. I put an ad up on Horsetopia and within 2 days I had several emails, tons of phone calls and my horse was in his new home by the end of the week. Great response! Thank you so much!"

-Amy, November '05

"First, I want to let you know that I am very impressed with the response I have had in such a short time with my other 2 ads! It is amazing to me as I have used many other sites to try to sell my horses! I am SO impressed that I am going to list this filly, too!"

-Christine, October '05

"Thank you for being understanding while I tried to upload my picture. I'm not very good with the computer. I really like your web site. I'm going to tell all my friends about it."

-Patty, October '05

"I sold my horse in 2 weeks using Horsetopia, and did not advertise anywhere else. I received a huge number of hits on his ad, and many e-mails, phone calls. It was a great way to advertise and I will definitely use it again."

-Judy, October '05

"I'd been trying to sell my horse for months, and was getting tired of all the tire kickers and emailed requests that went nowhere. Finally I decided to try a Photo ad on Horsetopia...not only did I have the horse sold in 4 days, but I also noticed that the inquiries I got were all serious and well suited for my horse. Next time I am going to start with a Photo ad and save all that time and stress!"

-Karen, October '05

"Horsetopia is the best thing that has happen to horse lovers and owners. Thanks for this site."

-Linda, September '05

"Thank you Horsetopia for helping me find another great buyer for one of my horses. Your site has helped buyers really find a good horse and helped sellers let the horse world know about their horse that is for sell. Again, thank you."

-Ferne, September 05

"I sold my horse within about one week of putting it on your site. The buyers drove approx. 4 hours to get him! Thank you for your service."

-Jodi, September '05

"Thank you so much for your website. It has been a Godsend! I will tell everyone I know about you!"

-Julie, September '05

"Just a compliment on the quality of your site, the ease with which you can do business and the rapidity of response. Horsetopia is a quality business."

-Dale, September '05

"Sold "Penny" and "Diamond boy" thru Horsetopia !!Thanks guys, I love this web site plus it is so easy to use."

-Aileen, September '05

"Hi - Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site. I sold my horse off of it and had calls none stop from it. It really helped! Thanks!"

-Ann, August '05

"Hi! We sold our horse Lacings Lightning on in less than a week, to a great home too! We'd like to thank you for such a good website with loyal buyers, it's a nice feeling knowing your horse is going to a good home with good people."

Diane & Elissa, August '05

"I had so many responses to my ad on Nicky, it was pretty overwhelming. I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the use of your website and also to let you know that I had the pleasure of seeing a little girls eyes light up when she saw her first horse today. Nicky is a special horse, a really gentle soul, and I couldn't have picked a better home for him if I had tried. Again, thank you so much and may God bless you."

-Elaine, August '05

"I just want to tell you guys you are doing a wonderful job for all us horse people out here. I have sold 3 horses with Horsetopia and all with in a week of the ad. Thanks a million. You're great."

-Lynn, August '05

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that this has been a great experience. I have gotten probably a hundred inquiries on my horse. He sold last week and I got what I needed for him. Thank you so much for providing such a great service to the horse community. Thanks again."

-Tommy, August '05

"Just wanted to let you know that your site is great! I had good response to my ad and ended up selling my client's horse for the price we wanted, to a FABULOUS home. Thanks again, and I will recommend this site to other friends and associates."

-Liz, August '05

"Thank you for providing me with the ability to sell my walking horse. It is through your website that this was accomplished and I was able to reach out to a wider group of buyers and found the perfect home for our mare."

-Pam, August 05

"This site is great. I put my horse for sale on a Wed. and sold him on Saturday. Thank you for making it so easy! I will recommend Horsetopia to everyone, whether they are buying or selling."

-Amy, August '05

"Thank you again! Your sight has now sold My pinto filly! And she has gone to a wonderful little girl named Mindy who will be training her in 4h! I have had my ads in 3 other horse ad places including equine gold mine, free horse ads, and dream horse and both sold from your site. Thanks."

-Mandy, August '05

"Thank you! I am SO impressed with this level of service! It is just a pleasure to work your site!"

-Marilyn, July '05

"Thanks for the website! It worked awesome!! I had TONS of calls (one was 5 minutes after I posted the ad!!) She was sold within 4 days! Thanks again for the service!"

-Shauna, July '05

"You guys are always so prompt with any questions I have had Thanks! Truly a user-friendly site!"

-Laura, July '05

"I just wanted to say thank you. I only had my horse listed for 1 week and he was SOLD. I certainly didn't expect it to happen so fast!!"

-Lisa, July '05

"Horsetopia Staff-
I just wanted to Thank You for your great customer service. I really needed help uploading my pictures, and you had them posted within hours. You did this not only once but twice. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated this. I would have never gotten them posted. I am always evaluating companies' customer service, and I have to admit yours is the best hands down!"

-Terria, July 05

"I just wanted to share with you, I put my advertisement on Horsetopia yesterday and have gotten so many emails that I am exhausted in sending the information. I love your site! It is incredible."

-Suzy, July '05

"Thank you so muck for your site, I have sold over 12 horses through you. thank you again."

-Michele, June '05

"Thank you so much for Horsetopia. I sold my horse within 1 week of posting him on your website. He is going to a fantastic new home and will have lots of love. I received at least 8 responses from the ad. I hope this website stays up it is very helpful to people who are selling and buying horses. Keep up the great work!!!"

-Sherri, May '05

"Howdy, I wanted to thank you for your service you provide on The web site is easy to use, no problem downloading pictures. I have met very nice people and know that my horses are going to a good home. Horsetopia thank you very much. Have a great day."

-JoAnn, May '05

"Hi, I just wanted to express my gratitude! I sold my horse to the most WONDERFUL home today!! Without, I could have never made the crucial contact with potential buyers, and ultimately, the sale! THANKS HORSETOPIA!!!"

-Sarah, April '05

"Just wanted to thank you for a great Website. We have been posting our horses on your site for sometime now and have had great success. We get several hits on each horse. We have moved several horses because of the attention your site gets. We also advertise your site as much as possible in our want adds and such. We send your link to many prospective buyers so they can find all our available horses in one shot with the Ranch page. What a great idea!!"

-Mandy & Rowdy, April '05

"I am very pleased with the results I got from your web site. I have had this horse listed in a local paper for 6 months and never got a call. I was browsering the Internet looking for a good site to list a couple of horses and came across this site. Wow! You have such professional looking ads, I was very impressed. My horse sold in less than 2 wks. Fantastic! Thanks so much"

-Suzanne, March '05

"Thank you very much and I love your site. I sold 2 horses from here. Thanks for such a great site."

-Ashley, March '05

"Just wanted to tell you that we sold our team of Belgian mares in two weeks using your website. Thanks for this great service. We hope to use it again."

-March '05

"Hi, Not only did I sell the mare I listed on your site in just four weeks, I also sold three additional horses I hadn't yet advertised! I'm going to put the last two horses I have for sale on your site and want you to know how much I appreciate your service.

-Trish, March '05

"Your site is awesome for buying and selling! Had more responses from your site than any other ads I placed on the internet. I will be referring people to whether they are buying or selling -- I just love it. Nice place, great job!"

-Beccie, February '05

"I need to tell you that I have had more inquires from your site then any other - you have a great site there and it must be one of the first people get when they do a search for horses for sale - just great!"

-Shelly, February '05

"I wanted to tell you that this has been the BEST website to sale a horse. I had more responses and people were so honest! I have spent lots of money on other sites but they did not pay off. This sure did though! I sold Peanut on 2/12/05. I wish his new owners the best of luck. Thanks for being such a great site! Keep it up!"

-Melanie, February '05

"Thanks so much, I listed my in-utero foal on January 31st, had an inquiry immediately, he/she is verbally sold as of February 11th, and the contracts should be returned by early next week. Wow, thanks a lot!"

-Jennifer, February '05

"I wanted to tell you that this has been the BEST website to sale a horse. I had more responses and people were so honest! I have spent lots of money on other sites but they did not pay off. This sure did though! I sold Peanut on 2/12/05. I wish his new owners the best of luck. Thanks for being such a great site! Keep it up! "

-Melanie, February '05

"I just wanted to let you all know that I sold both of my horses that I had listed with this website through the website. Thanks so much for this useful resource. I sold them to someone that lived in a different state than me and probably would have never reached him through any other medium. Now my horses have a good new home!! Not to mention, so many people either emailed me or called me about the I'm really glad I accidentally came across this website. I will be sure to let others know about it. "

-Deanna, January '05

" I want to thank you for this site, this is where I just recently sold my horse. I got calls and emails from all over. "

-Jaclyn, January '05

"#1125 was sold on first serious call. Thanks Horsetopia"

-Charlie, January '05

"Thank you so much for providing a website that allowed me to sell my horse. I already have several other horses that people want to put on the web for them. Again, thank you for the help. "

- Lory, January '05

"thank you for you help selling my horse last spring!! It only took 6 days! Your site is a really great advantage for all of us out here."

-Carol, January '05

"What a wonderful web site, I sold my horse in 3 days!"

-Becky, January '05

"We sold our TB Will on your site just yesterday. The woman contacted us and bought him the second she saw him. I love your website and will make sure I put all future sales horses on this site. Thank-you"

- Catherine, January '05

"I had Thunder posted on your web site for only 2 weeks and he sold!! They came up here from down south to buy him. My husband and I were very happy to see him go to such nice people like them. We know that he will be well taken care of and that we couldnt have done it with out Thank again"

-YD, January '05

"Just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide to horse owners. It took less than 2 months to sell my horse and I'm quite confident that he is going to a good home. The nationwide exposure was extremely beneficial to the success of this ad. I will certainly recommend your website to others. Again, thank you. "

-DS, January '05

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Horsetopia RULES. I am a member of a riding club and a mounted drill team, and I am going to tell EVERYONE about you! "

-Cindy, December '04

"Yes, we sold him through your website within 2 days. Thank you so much."

- December '04

"Dear friends at Horsetopia- Thank you so much for having your website avaliable to the public. I got so many responds from the ad and quite a few people actually came to my house to ride my horse. Today I found his match. A husband and wife came out to look at my horse, Romeo, and fell in love with him. They are picking him up next week. Thank you so much for letting me post on your website."

-Juliana, November '04

"Thank you very much for helping me sell my horse. The new owners found him through this website. Thanks again for your great website and help!"

-Miriam, November '04

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for we just sold our 3.5 yr.old gelding because his new owner found our ad through your service. Thanks for all your help."

-LS, November '04

"I just HAD to thank you for your user-friendly and inexpensive advertising media on the internet!!! You are AWESOME!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-T-Bone, November '04

"Lady has a new owner. Your site did the job. She was on other sites all summer. People called but didn't come to see her. Most of them were to far away. After being on your site for a few weeks her new owner came to see her and fell in love. They are great together. Thank you so much for your help. I am recommending your site to anyone that wants to sell their horse. "

-Sandy, October '04

"Just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful web-site for people to buy and sell horses on. Through your web-site I was able to find the horse I was looking for and trade Bandit for him. Thanks again!"

-Jackie, October '04

"I have listed two horses on horsetopia in the last several months. Both sold within a week. I can't say enough about your service. Thank you!"

-Sandra, October '04

"Sold my horse today on your site. Thanks I enjoyed it and had many responses. will use again."

-Bev, September '04

"I would like to say "Thank You" for helping me find a new home for my two "ladies", Josie and her filly Crystal. After posting classifieds on other sights plus numerous message board posts this past year, it was through that I was able to get them sold. Now they are bound to sunny CA just in time to miss the first cold freezes of fall in ND."

-Jolene, Septemeber '04


Just wanted you to know that your system has worked for me. My little filly will be moving from Wisconson to Pennsylvania soon

Thanks very much."

-Dale, September '04

"Another happy horse owner! Thanks for this great web site!"

-Erika, August '04

"Just a note...

I use many different websites to advertise my horses on. I list them ALL over.You name it I probably got a horse listed on it!!! You are one of the first and very important sites for us to list on. Due to that, I list the cream of my crop!!!! I have had more "Solid" hits from your site they any.

Thank you!!!!"

-Janeece, August '04

"Hello, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your website.I find it very easy to list horses, upload up to six pictures and best of all it's FREE!! I have had wonderful responses from people. Thank you, I will tell everybody I know about you!!!"

-Sherry, July '04

"Hi My Name is Julie I was told about your website by a freind back in November I posted 4 horses on your website and i have sold 3 of the 4 the response is awesome thanks for being the best website for horses."

-Julie, July '04

"I am telling all my horse friends about this offer a great service to buyer and seller!!!"

-Denise, July '04

"I sold my horse in just one day after being on your site! Will use this site again if needed.... excellent!"

-Corinna, June '04

"Hi, Wanted to mark my horse as sold. Thank you for your site. Can't believe how quickly my horse sold!! I will use your site to find the mule I'm looking for. Thanks again."

-Barbara, June '04

"My horses have been sold and have very good homes together. Thank you for your support."

-Patricia, June '04

"Hello, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your website. I have had wonderful responses from people. Thank you, I will tell everybody I know about you!!!"

-JS, June '04

"I have placed ads for 2 of my horses on 12 internet sites, all free ads. Of all the sites I have found your site to be the very best. Why? Simple. Your site offers top quality free ads where we can place free photos. I also want you to know that I received the majority of the inquiries from your site. Some of the sites I had listed on I never received a response. I also want you to know the person who purchased my yearling colt had found his ad on your site! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service."

-Leslie, June '04

"Thank you for offering this service, I have sold my horse."

-Julie, May '04

"Also want to let you know I just purchased a horse off your site, and all is working out very well.. Purchased a horse named Charlie . thanks again"

-Sherrie, May '04

"Just wanted to send a "thank-you note" for allowing me to use ur web page to sell my horse"

-DJ, April '04

"Just a comment feel free to share it.
Thank you for offering this service. Both my horses have new,loving homes. Both were sold through your site."

-Kim, March '04

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I just sold my horse today and the lady found him through your great website. He got a loving and excellent home, and it was very easy. I really appreciate your help!"

-Gayle, March '04

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