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Other Problems with Horsetopia Sellers

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Fake/Inappropriate Ads

If you see an ad on our site that is obviously fake, contains inappropriate language or pictures, or is not horse related, please email us the listing number at We do not need any other info, as long as we can tell the ad is problematic just by looking at it.

If you have a problem with a dishonest or fraudulent seller, please read the rest of this page because we will need additional information.

How to Submit a Complaint About a Seller

If you had a problem with one of our sellers, and believe him or her to be in violation of our policies, please email Some examples of violations we want to hear about are:
  • Dishonest sellers
  • Scams and fraud
Please be sure to include the following information:
  • Your name, address, and telephone number.
  • The URL of the ad posted by the seller you had a problem with
  • A detailed description of the problem.

If your complaint is related to a copyright or trademark violation, please refer to the appropriate links on our complaint policy page, because we do not accept copyright and trademark complaints via email.

Your Privacy: If you want to remain anonymous, please say so in your email to us. Sometimes anonymity is best, for instance if you are reporting a seller for outright illegality. Other times, it is easier to resolve the complaint if we can tell the seller who are. For instance, if a seller wrongly keeps your deposit, then we can contact the seller to help resolve the dispute but we will need to use your name so the seller knows what the problem is. Please indicate in your complaint if you prefer to remain anonymous, just keep in mind that it may make it impossible for us to help you!

How we respond to complaints

Depending on the nature of the complaint we receive, we will do one of the following:
  • If we don't believe the action listed in your complaint to be a violation of our policies, we will do nothing.
  • If we believe the action to violate our policies, but do not believe it to be a clear-cut, provable instance of fraud or illegality, we will keep the complaint on file, and review any other complaints received in the past about the same seller. A seller who shows a pattern of violating our policies, or who fails to respond to our complaint notices (or otherwise, at Horsetopia's sole discretion) may have his/her account disabled and ads removed.
  • If we believe beyond doubt that the seller is in gross violation of our policies, we will remove his or her ads and account right away, without waiting for a second complaint.
  • Additionally, we reserve the right to remove an ad or account at any time without notice or explanation at our sole discretion. If we remove a paid ad, the credit card used to pay for the ad will be refunded on a prorated basis for the time remaining on the ad.

If a Complaint is Submitted Against You

We will send you a notice that describes the complaint and points you to this policy, and ask you to send us your response. After receiving your response, or if we receive no response after a few days, we will evaluate the complaint and review your account status according to this policy.

If you believe the complaint was submitted falsely, we encourage you to let us know. Our goal is to make Horsetopia a safe marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Submitting a false complaint is libel and can have serious legal consequences.

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