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Personal Photo Removal Complaints

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Your Rights

Since the ads on Horsetopia are used to promote products and services, the ad owner must have your permission to use your photo in an ad. This is the same reason that if you appear in a commercial on TV, the advertiser needs your permission.

Who can File a Complaint

You must meet one of the following criteria to file a personal photo removal complaint:
  1. A photo of you appears on the ad
  2. Or, a photo of a minor appears on the ad, and you are the legal guardian or legally appointed representative of that minor
  3. Or, you are an attorney filing a complaint on behalf of your client whose photograph appears in the ad.
You may not file a personal photo complaint for a friend.

How to File a Complaint

Please send an email to explaining your situation. If there is any dispute, we will ask you to fax us a Personal Photo Removal Request with all of the relevant info filled in.

How we respond to Complaints

All contested images will be removed by Horsetopia.

If you believe the complaint was in error, then you have the right to take the accuser to court. and Horsetopia LLC will take no part in this process and will not allow you to post your photograph unless we receive permission to do so from the accuser. The matter is out of our hands as soon as we receive a properly submitted complaint.

False Complaints

False complaints will not be tolerated. Please see the section "false complaints" under our Copyright And Trademark Complaints section for more information on how we deal with false complaints.

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