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11yr old quiet, tall trail and driving pleasure gelding
Price: $ 1,500 (Price is Firm)

Horse Information

Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chesnut
Age: 11 years old
Height: 16.1 hh
Gender: Gelding
Temperament: 3 (1=calm, 10=spirited)

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Fionn is a large bodied, clean legged thoroughbred who loves attention more than any horse I have ever come across. He comes running when you call his name and will hold his halter in his mouth until you put it on him. I am his second owner. The first did no more than some light arena riding with him. I have trained him as a trail horse and used him to pony my other horse. Recently I started him in harness and he absolutely loves it. He has beautiful slow, showy gaits and a nice head set in harness. I am currently driving him in long lines in the arena and on the road. He has not been hooked to the cart yet but it will not be long. I just started dragging poles with him and he absolutely loves it. He is incredibly quiet in harness and is going to be an incredible driving horse. Fionn was around my other thoroughbred while that horse learned to pull the cart so he is used to carts moving and bouncing around him. He would make a nice team horse as he moves beautifully when ground driven with my other horse. He has not been on busy roads as mine are too dangerous but he pays no attention to ranch vehicles, motorcycles and tractors. He hasn't done much trail lately but he is always quiet to saddle, mount and ride even after a year of not being ridden. He always enters any water willingly and is very easy to open many different kinds of gates on. I ride him in a hackamore or a very thick three piece snaffle. He drives in a rubber mullein half cheek. I do not want to sell him but I cannot afford two horses any longer. His price is very reasonable for the sole reason that I will be very picky about his home. I will not sell him to a trainer or anyone who intends to resale him. He needs a permanent home. His new owner must be an experienced horse person who can afford to care for him properly. He should be kept in a pasture or large grass paddock with a good shelter as that is the only way he has been kept with me and his first owner. He should also have company as I have always kept him with at least one other horse. He is very gentle with other horses and has been together with cattle, sheep, and llahmas. He has no problem leaving other horses and going out alone and is not spooky. He can be competitive on the trail with another competive horse but he is very quiet and reassuring to nervous and spooky horses and will stand quiet by them until they calm down. He is a very nice horse with a wonderful disposition who wants a loving home with a person who can give him attention and kindness.

Price: $ 1,500 (Price is Firm)

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