Spotted Horse

The Spotted horse is not a breed but a type of horse, and there are so many different breeds that fall into this category besides the most recognized, the Pinto. In fact, at the Spotted Horse World website there are no fewer than 39 different breeds listed, some of them exotic indeed.

For instance, the very first breed that is listed is the Altai horse, named for the rugged Altai Mountains in central Asia where they originated. They are indeed spotted, almost to the point of resembling leopard. This breed is the product of enduring the difficult terrain and weather of the area and is sturdy and is important to the nomads of this area where China and Russia meet.

The British Spotted Pony is another exotic breed, since it is bred to be used in the ring and can claim some of the smallest of horses. First drawn by caveman in Britain, these little horses' spots resemble the spots of the Dalmatian dog. There are only about 800 of these unusual horses in the world. They can run from 14 inches to 28 inches high and are very intelligent and train easily.

The Gypsy Vanner, with its feathery feet and flowing tail and mane, also falls into this category. Gypsies bred these horses to pull their Vardos or wagon homes and they particularly liked the fact that they have a pinto look with splotches of color. They are a sturdy horse with great stamina and with strength relative to its rather small size.
Another Pinto-like horse is the rare and elegant Marwari horse, which is a native of the Marwar area in India. Used in battle during the Middle Ages, it is bred for traveling long distances over rugged land. It also can withstand extreme weather condition. This breed has also been used for polo.

Even little Shetland ponies originally from the Shetland Islands off Scotland are eligible as Spotted horse designation since many of this breed have more than one color.
Other Spotted Horse breeds include the Appaloosa, the Mustang, the Noric and Draft and Saddle horses. There is even a spotted breed of donkey and mule, which are undoubtedly among the most unusual. There is a registry called the International Pattern Sport Horse registry where horses of various patterns can be registered if they meet certain gene requirements.