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Quarter Horse Gelding
Trooper, in Centre Hall
Twelve year old gelding for sale
Hickory Bee Trooper. Trooper resides in Pennsylvania Furnace. He is FOR SALE. He's an all around horse. He does it all! Western, English and bareback. When ridden doesn't require a bit. He only wears a halter. Loves to work and is very willing to please. He will do anything you ask of him and he is fast! Pictures available upon request. I'm asking $850obo. Would really like him gone by February <br>Please feel free to call or text me
Appaloosa Gelding
Gus, in Cochranton
Gus is an uncomplicated horse to ride. He can go bareback with a rope halter and reins by a novice rider or with tack by an advanced beginner in the ring. He enjoys trail riding and will go alone or with others. He has most recently been giving lessons to advanced beginner riders. Gus does not have to be in a program. He can sit for months in the pasture and go out for the occasional ride. He has no vices and loves attention. Stands to be groomed, and for vet and farrier. He’d be a great horse for the newer rider or the family or for the seasoned rider. He goes nicely with a snaffle and loose rein. Gus can become anxious at shows, and when asked to travel by trailer, so we’d like to find him a home where he won’t be asked to travel to shows or trail rides.
Florida Cracker Gelding
Cracker, in Cochranton
Cracker has had 120 days of professional training. He had a good work ethic and is an honest ride. Personality plus too! He moves nicely off your leg with little effort; stands tied; good for vet and farrier. Florida Cracker Horses are bred to cut cattle and Cracker honors his bloodlines well… he is quick and versatile when asked, and can easily switch gears to be a quiet pleasure mount. He’d be a great horse for pony club or 4-H He should top off at about 14.2 hands when fully grown. He has a small frame, so rider should not exceed 130 pounds. If you are interested, get in touch with us. There’s going to be a lot of competition for this little guy!
Quarter Horse Cross Mare
Sunflower, in Cochranton
Palomino Belgian/QH cross mare
Sunflower is a stunning mare and has an in-your-pocket personality. She enjoys being groomed and stands for vet and farrier. She is currently in training and will be available to adopt early March 2015. She has lovely movement and could excel in just about any discipline. If you like what you see so far, don’t miss out on this gal. By the time she’s ready to leave training, she won’t be around long.
Quarter Pony Mare
Chelsea, in Cochranton
Companion ONLY
Chelsea is a wonderful mare. She was shown in her younger days and has lovely ground manners. She lost sight in her left eye and it is no issue for her. She cannot be stalled. She will pace and circle incessantly if stalled. She is best suited to a situation with one or two other horses with free access to shelter 24/7. She does best with a routine and would be a great companion for a lone horse. Chelsea is pasture sound, but should no longer be ridden.
Quarter Horse Gelding
Doc, in Cochranton
Easy Keeper Companion Only
Doc is a well schooled horse. However he has developed arthritis in his knee due to an old injury. He has a great personality and gets along well with all horses. He will take whatever position in the herd that is open. He won’t compete to be top dog and is somewhat timid until he gets to know his herdmates. He has a wonderful personality, and loves to be brushed. He can be a ham and enjoys hugs scratches on his muzzle. He can go with mares or geldings and is in a mixed herd now. <br><br>We need to downsize and are looking for a good retirement home for him. Easy keeper, Winter gets 1 cup grain 2x a day only because others in the barn are fed grain. He can do just fine on hay or pasture only. <br>
Standardbred Gelding
Stretchy, in Cochranton
Mr. Personality!
Stretch is a combination of Baby Huey, Dennis the Menace and the Three Stooges all rolled into one! He is a highly intelligent horse and can learn anything quickly. He will “help” you mend fencing, build stalls, and anything else you’re doing in the barn or pasture. He has been ridden both English and Western, on trails and in the ring and he has jumped up to 2 feet. Stretch hasn’t been ridden in about two years, but he is a horse that takes very little in a refresher course to get back on track. His high level of intelligence works in your favor sometimes, and sometimes not. You have to be on your toes with this guy and be one step ahead of him because he is always thinking two steps ahead of you. On RARE occasions, he likes to wait until you become even just slightly lax when leading him and he’ll take advantage of it, and in a split second take off running. He thinks it’s a game and will play cat and mouse until he’s ready to be caught. If you like a horse with a lot of personality and are looking for a bigger ride, this is the guy for you.
Standardbred Mare
Lady, in Cochranton
Lady has one of the best personalities. She will melt with delight when groomed, has great ground manners; stands for vet and farrier. No vices. She can be ridden on trails or on the flat. Can go out in a mixed herd. Lady is blind. It never has and will not limit her <br>ability to ride or get around in a pasture. If she trusts you, she will do whatever you ask of her. Needs to be led to and from pasture. Otherwise, no extra care needed. She’d be a great companion for a lone horse, and a wonderful riding horse. Intermediate on trails only because you need to watch for branches, etc, that could hit her in the face when riding. Otherwise, a confident novice can ride her. <br>
Warmblood Gelding
Godon, in Cochranton
Godon is very well schooled, and has impeccable manners both on the ground and under saddle. Initially timid. Gets along well with other horses. He is fine in a mixed herd. He does have an old suspensory injury, and requires bar shoes on back feet. He can be ridden lightly by a light rider (140 pounds or less). He would be a great choice for the occasional rider who just wants to do some flatwork in the ring or do some light trail riding. Godon is a very uncomplicated horse to ride and enjoys having a job. He was trained in Dressage and jumping. He could be a great teacher for the rider who is new to Dressage. <br>We would not let him go if we didn’t have to. We love his personality and kind demeanor. He is a barn favorite, but we are downsizing and are looking for the right home for him.<br>
Missouri Fox Trotter Mare
Lakota, in Landenberg
Awesome trail horse with flashy coloring
For Sale: 14yo bay roan Missouri Fox Trotter mare 14.1hh in Landenberg, PA (southeast PA near Fair Hill). Lakota is the best trail horse! Water, bridges, and terrain are no problem. Leads/follows. She's also happy to work in the ring. Easy enough for a confident beginner, fun enough for an experienced rider. Smooth foxtrot, and she also walks, paces, and canters. Very happy to work, and she will ride out the same whether ridden every day or once a year. Hop on her bareback with a halter and lead rope, and you're ready to go! Barefoot, sound, and UTD on everything. Loads, ties, stands for vet/farrier. NOT mareish. She would be the perfect horse for a trail rider who wants a horse up for anything, and would also be a great guest horse. She is very sadly for sale due to owner's personal circumstances. Asking $2500, negotiable to great home. Pics available, I will work on video this week.
Welsh Cross Gelding
Eye's on the Prize, in Christiana
Great safe pony for any small rider
FOR LEASE<br>Eyes on the Prize<br>4yr 13.1H Registered and Branded American Sport Pony <br>Lifetime registered USEF<br><br>Ribboned at Devon for the PA bred yearling colts/geldings. Took Champion of all the ponies at the North American Sport Pony (NASP) inspection with a score of 7.8. Nice Pony!!<br>Would make a great hunter/jumper pony or the short stirrup division till your child is ready to move up. <br><br>Nice talented jumper and a great mover with a nice balanced canter. Good and easy to handle on the ground. Clips, loads, great for farrier/vet, bathes, stands for grooming/vacuuming. Bred and raised on our farm. Really just a great young pony all around. Schooled at the walk, trot, canter and over 2'3” - 2’6” courses. Has a lead change and loves to jump! He can jump from any spot he is given and make it look good. Super quiet off the farm and brave over foreign jumps. Very quiet and gentle to ride with a great work ethic and willing personality. A must see if your child needs a good fancy pony with a sweet mind. Has been to a handful of shows and does not need any prep time before the child gets on. He is very well behaved. UTD on dental, shots, coggins, farrier, and worming. Great for the vet, farrier, ties, clips, loads, stands on the trailer, Great to catch and handle. Hunter does has unchanged, non-growing cataracts in his eyes that are not causing him any problems and do not interfere with his abilities whatsoever.<br>Call or email for more information 610-401-4964<br><br>Monthly Lease: <br>$150.00 per month off farm<br>$450 per month on farm (includes board)<br><br>Young Rider Video:<br><br><br>Grooming And Tacking-Up Video:<br><br><br>Flat/Jumping Video:<br><br>
Paint Gelding
Sunny, in Pittsburgh
People-Loving Gelding
Sunny is a fantastic boy. Sunny is a tri-colored paint currently being used in an English lesson program (hunter jumper). We are downsizing, as my daughters are both in school. Sunny is a VERY easy keep, so we are in no rush to sell. He is on 24hr pasture access and no grain. He currently does not have shoes on, and does not need. Sunny is the ideal lead line horse. He is great for youngsters, however, due to his laziness in the ring, he may not be suitable for a beginner. On trail, he becomes a different horse, full of energy and vigor. Sunny loves trail riding with his other horse friends, but gets spooky if out alone. He is great at horse shows. He always wins the beginner hunter and under saddles at local schooling shows. He is NOT the rated show horse type. Sunny would be most happy as a lead line horse, trail horse, lead line horse, family or husband horse, or pasture mate.<br> <br>Please contact me for more photos or information!
Thoroughbred Gelding
Waves of Glory, in Spring City
well made and very fancy
Glory is a well made and very fancy Thoroughbred with a unique personality. He is 13 years old and had been on the farm since 2007.<br>As a racehorse, he had the talent but not the desire to win. He stands 16.1 hands. This boy is good looking,m clever, smart and funny. He loves peppermints and apples and people.<br>He is a very nice mover with no vices.<br>He has very good feet – nice, big turf foot. He is barefoot, but trimmed regularly. He also has a current Coggins and is UTD on all inoculations, etc.<br>His owner rode Glory once in November, 2007. He was a perfect gentleman. She has not ridden him since. Sh bought him to be her foxhunter but it just never happened.<br><br>Glory is used to being turned out daily 7-8 hours in the winter. He does not mind being kept in a stall but does look forward to his turnout time. He has a small hole hay net or Glory will waste his hay/dig it into the bedding. Glory is allowed free access to barn/stalls, turnout shed and field 24/7 in the summer. Glory is also on Triple Crown Senior feed – slightly less than 2 lbs. 2x/day in summer, slightly more in winter. He is not on any supplements.<br><br>Go to for pedigree and race record.<br>Glory is used to being blanketed in the cold weather. She does not clip him. In all but the coldest weather I use a Rambo lightweight turnout rug (no insulation) – use a medium weight Rhino with neck on really cold days or when it is snowing. Inside at night he wears either a stable sheet or mid-weight stable blanket depending on the temperature. He wears a 78?.<br>Glory is usually very responsive to voice commands and body language/hands. Glory was my sister’s race horse. She was a breeder, owner, trainer. Glory has been treated very well all his life – lucky horse.<br><br>In all, Glory has been treated well all his life and in the right hands could be a solid family member, trail, pleasure horse, even a show horse with the right training. He located in Spring City, PA. He is offered to a qualified home only, so please fill out a reference application and submit it, to be qualified to adopt him.Adoption fee $300.
Thoroughbred Gelding
Not too Spicy, in Spring City
big, elegant, classic
Spicy is a big, elegant, classic Thoroughbred with tons of potential. He is 8 years old and an incredible mover. He stands 16.3 hands. His owners describes him as handsome, intelligent, affectionate, willing and loves peppermints. His race career lasted from January to May, 2009 in Panama with 11 starts, 1 win, 4-2nds, 5-3rds, 1-4th. He last raced May 24, 2009. She states that he appears to have some “jump” in him.<br>He has no vices.<br><br>Spicy does have an old, low profile, front bow – you can hardly notice it – he is completely sound and it has never been a problem. Spicy has good feet – barefoot, trimmed regularly.<br>He has a current coggins and is UTD on all inoculations, etc.<br><br>Go to to see pedigree and race record<br><br>Spicy needs an calm, experienced handler. His owner believes the right training will help him reach his potential. She has done what she can given her background and experience but feels he needs someone with more experience to help him reach his full potential.<br>She has never ridden Spicy, and adopted him as a companion for Glory her other horse. This has worked out better than expected – they get along very well. Spicy likes to be dominant in the field but is not mean about it. Tends to use teeth rather than heels.<br><br>Spicy requires daily turnout. 7-8 hours in the winter. Will tolerate no more than 2 days continuous in the stall during bad weather. Allowed free access to barn/stalls, turnout shed and field 24/7 in the summer. Spicy requires a continuous supply of hay when confined to a stall. He was being starved to death locked in a stall at Laurel Park before I got him. He remembers! HIs owner uses a large – small hole hay net – less waste, has hay to last all night.<br><br>Spicy is no longer a hard keeper but does require more than forage to keep him in good weight. He does not need cereal grains right now as he is not in work and my experience is that they tend to make him “hot.” So, he has been on Triple Crown Senior feed – 2 lbs. 2x/day in the summer – slightly more in the winter.<br><br>Spicy is used to being blanketed in the cold weather. He is not clipped. In all but the coldest weather he gets a Rambo lightweight turnout rug (no insulation) – use a medium weight Rhino with neck on really cold days or when it is snowing. Inside at night he wears either a stable sheet or mid-weight stable blanket depending on the temperature. He wears either a 78? or 81? depending on the cut of the blanket.<br><br>Spicy has been abused in the past. When she first got him, when she walked in the stall with a fork or broom he cringed away. He also had trust issues. They have worked through all that and he now loves his people. He is very sensitive to tone of voice – you don’t need anything else. She uses voice commands and body language/hands when working with him, which is very effective.<br><br>Spicy is located in Spring City, PA and offered to a qualifed home only. Please fill out and submit a reference application if you have not already been approved to adopt through TPR. Adoption fee $300.
Paint Gelding
Buba, in Jonestown
english/western registered paint gelding
Buba is a registered APHA gelding. He was professionally trained western as a youngster and was used for barrels, team penning, and reining. He is mostly ridden english now and ridden on trails and jumping. He has been shown in some hunters, jumpers, and equitation classes. He is sound and friendly. Unfortunately, we don't have as much time for our horses as we used to and must downsize the herd. We are also selling his buddy, Trunchent, a reg Quarter horse gelding. Would do a package deal if they went together. Please email or call for more information and pictures.
Quarter Horse Gelding
Trunchent, in Jonestown
English/western registered quarter horse gelding
Trunchent is a registered bay quarter horse gelding. He's friendly, sound, easy going. He stands for vet, farrier, trailers, tacks. He is great on trails and is ridden both english and western. He was professionally trained as a youngster so responds well to leg and voice and neck reins. He was used for team penning, barrel racing, and reining but now we use him for trail, pleasure, and occasional jumping. Unfortunately, we don't have as much time for our horses and must downsize our herd. We also have his buddy, Buba, a registered APHA and would do a package deal if they go together. Please email or call for more information and pictures.
Appaloosa Gelding
Diesel, in thomasville
Handsome and Quiet Appy Gelding
Diesel is a 9 year old 14.3ish solid appaloosa gelding. His color is a dark chocolate type color not bay and not quite black. I have taught him the gaming patterns and he is very responsive to your leg. He has a lot of speed when you ask for it but I have not been pushing him for it since I wanted him to stay quiet for riding lessons. I use him for beginners and kids he does well with both never bucked or reared. He is not spooky and is great on the trails no loading or stalling issues and he trailers really well. He also ties and stands pretty well for tacking/untacking. I am selling him because I had planned on finishing him as a youth games horse for my lesson program but I have shut the program down and no longer need him. I am asking $1500 obo will consider trades for horse trailer, tack a registered QH or paint or would consider other trades. Diesel is a great horse and deff one of the barn favorites he is very personable the kind of horse you can really bond with.
Quarter Horse Cross Gelding
Duke and Dutchess, in Sunbury
matching driving pair for sale
Duke and Dutchess are a driving team for sale due to different interested in riding between horses and owner. Dutchess is the matching pair to Duke. She is 15.1hh 12 year old mare. Both are extremely broke to drive and western riding. Both of them have had English tack on. Both are light mouth and responsive on cart and under saddle. Very bomb proof on trails. Traffic safe also. Any type of driving you can think of. Can be sold separately for $750 each. Price is negotiatable. UTD on shots and farrier. Stands for farrier, vet and baths. Good for trailering.
Pinto Mare
An Awesome Easy Breeze, in Jonestown
Flashy filly who excels in the show ring
Athletic and versatile Breeze is a 15.2 hd 3 year old PtHA filly. Sire is a APHA/PtHA registered son of Mighty Awesome. Dam is JC Thoroughbred. Although not heavily shown, Breeze is a rock star in the show ring. She has shown intro. dressage, english pleasure and equitation on the flat, sms, trail and lightly jumped. She has earned ribbons in each of these disciplines even in large classes. Breeze excels in an enviroment where she is learning and challenged by a balanced confident rider. She is incredibly smart and responds very well to a handler/rider who pushes her to improve. She may be small in stature but she has a huge stride and a desire to work. More pictures and video available.<br>Read more at
Quarter Horse Mare
Princens "Echo" Dek, in Chambersburg
Palomino Mare,14yrs - 14.1h, very calm, sweet peronality, easy keeper,
Echo is such a sweet heart that i owned since september 2013. She had two foals in her past and was a great mother. She has been on trails but is not a very forward going kind of horse due to her cyst in her left front hoof and is not able to do long trails. My vet said she would be best suited as a broodmare since she loves being a mother but she could also be great for a first time Childrens horse, where she could get groomed and led around the ring.I rode her in trail boots which helped her be more comfortable on our rocky trails.I am looking for a new forever home for her due to the fact that i was not aware of the cyst when i bought her and now i am not able to take her longer trails without her being misarable. Please email me if you have more questions! <br> <br>Thanks for looking !!!
Arabian Gelding
Nite Wings ESF+//, in Ephrata
Talented Dressage gelding, schooling Grand Prix for sale
Super hard working, talented FEI Dressage gelding for sale. Schooling Grand Prix. Been National Top 10 in Prix St. Georges and Intermediate 1 in 2013. Piaffe and passage are coming along nicely! Really sweet gelding with an awesome work ethic, but not a baby sitter. Needs a confident rider. Must be the right home.
Half-Arabian Gelding
Crescendos Maestoso, in Ephrata
Elegant Dressage Gelding with Unlimited Potential
Dressage gelding with unlimited potential! Three great gaits! Five months professional training and already has shoulder in, leg yields, great stretchy trot and super free walk. <br>Shown at East Coast first time off the farm and won his Jr Horse Training Level Test 3 with a 62+%, including an 8.5 for free walk! Registered Half-Arabian and has lifetime USDF number. Super disposition, great minded, very willing, intelligent and athletic.<br>This guy is the total package! He loves to work, loves people and is super talented!
Paint Gelding
We Ginnys Bar Chip, in Mercer
Chestnut Tobiano 6 yr old gelding lots of fun
Rugor has been started in barrels and poles, he is a great trail horse, has a lot of speed and a easy learner, good for the farrier, loads easy, UTD on shots. Down sizing due to husband having a heart attack. serious inquiries only please.Please leave a message speak clearly with name and number and I will return your call. thank you.
Quarter Horse Mare
Henrietta Lady, in Mercer
17 yr old Bay mare with chrome exc halter and trail mare
Lady is UTD on shots, loads easy, great for the farrier, star, strip and snip, white on lower lip, white on chin, right fore sock, socks on hind feet for markings, need to down size due to my husband having a heart attack. she will plow through anything on a trail ride, always places in halter classes. Serious inquiries only please. PLEASE Speak clearly when leaving your name and number and I will return your call Thank You
Quarter Horse Mare
SugarGoterher Dunit, in Mercer
5 yr old mare star, strip, snip. left fore pastern right fore pastern white left hind sock right hind pastern white
sug has been imprinted since birth easy to catch in pasture very easy going, has ground manners, son has been on her back a couple of time, but I don't consider her broke but wouldn't take much, good for the farrier, not utd on shots, only reason I am selling I have to down size due to my husband having a heart attack. serious inquiries only, please leave a message and I will call you back. thank you
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